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Every year, the Tour de France offers amateur cyclists the chance to test their performances on one of the mountain stages: this is the Etape du Tour. Mavic, a manufacturer of cycling equipment and a partner for this event, entrusted Diplomatic-Cover with the design and production of a digital platform allowing amateur cyclists to review their performance using videos filmed during the stages and to analyze their races.

Col de Leschaux
Cote d’Aillon-le-Vieux
Col des Prés

Live video recording at strategic points of the race

Integration of the Mysports player, a video service which records the performances of racers throughout the race


Performance tracking

Recovery of the data from the Mysports service: speed, classification, number of racers, etc.

ServiceData analysis & Monitoring

Analysis of performances via data crossing

Average speed, stage time, classification

ServiceData analysis & Monitoring
User 1
Selected racer
Average speed 34. 4 KM/H
Maximum speed 53. 9 KM/H
6'34'' 13 hrs Stage time
User 2
Stage leader
Average speed 39. 6 KM/H
Maximum speed 58. 7 KM/H
5'42'' 46 hrs Stage time

Customization of data

Profile of the race with intermediate times, possibility of comparing your performance with the race leader

ServiceData analysis & Monitoring


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Combining user service and brand experience

The exploits of Tour de France amateurs recorded thanks to Mavic and Diplomatic-Cover! Diplomatic-Cover has taken up the challenge: to design this digital space, while remaining true to the spirit of the brand and to accentuate public take-up by offering more services. The result: an innovative service which encourages racers to sign up, generating traffic to and therefore brand preference. Nearly 80% of participants in the race signed up to this space.

A new version of the Mavic Tracker has been produced for the 2013 edition of the Etape du Tour.