Armani Code Sport


Meet Philippe Francq
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Reinterpreting the codes of a brand in the form of a comic strip

Giorgio Armani Beauty is launching its new male fragrance across Europe: Armani Code Sport. They are entrusting Diplomatic-Cover with the entire digital aspect of this launch, with the main challenge being to extend the poster campaign and the TV ad to the digital world.

The meeting

The idea
Diplomatic Cover & Philippe Francq

Diplomatic-Cover suggested to the brand an artistic collaboration with Philippe Francq, creator and illustrator of Largo Winch, to reinterpret the sensual and dreamlike world of this product representing the power of Seduction. Philippe Francq, interviewed in his workshop, explained his approach.

Conception-rédaction et storytelling

The seduction

The agency asked Philippe Francq to create an exclusive comic strip providing his own interpretation of the codes of seduction, thus transcending Armani Code Sport advertising and characters.


An exclusive creation

This world takes shape around a comic strip created exclusively for the brand, and which tells in images the story of seduction between the two muses of the campaign.

A storyboard
for the concept


Site of the day Mobile of the day

When the world of perfume meets the world of comics.

Diplomatic-Cover suggested a complete digital plan of action from the point of view of a comic strip, allowing users to experience all the sensations resulting from this unprecedented artistic collaboration. A product site allows the interactive discovery, among other content, of the exclusive comic strip. An iPad app offers users exclusive content such as the working sketches of the artist. An illustration for the international press has been especially created by the artist to reveal the campaign to journalists.

A mediatization package summarizes this world in a striking campaign: banners, MSN skins, etc. The campaign has been produced in 7 languages, generating international press coverage. All audiences involved have been seduced by the audacious association of comic strips and luxury. Comments and shares on Facebook, increased traffic on the Youtube brand channel: a notable digital message for the Giorgio Armani Beauty brand!