Promotional and corporate campaigns

Bringing a major company commitment into the digital world

As part of the merger of the Adecco and Adia brands, announced at the start of 2013, the Adecco Group entrusted Diplomatic-Cover with the digital campaign for its new communication, wishing to be seen as active and committed in the battle for work.

Adecco says yes to jobs

Exploiting the positive aspects of saying yes!
Internal/external communication

Strategy and advice

Diplomatic-Cover designed and produced a digital campaign to mobilize and encourage the participation of various audiences: candidates, clients, networks and the general public, while at the same time working on the reputation of the group.

1. Declaration of the promise
2. Involvement of the internal team
3. Tracking of results by agency
4. Data visualization of the results
5. Testimony
6. Sharing
The brand promise
  • To facilitate the insertion of
    vulnerable people
    40 000
  • To find lasting employment for
    130 000
  • To integrate
    young people into active life
    100 000

Detailing the brand’s discourse
Supporting proof

Adopt an active stance and give meaning to the campaign by respecting these commitments.

0 %

Provide digital proof of the efforts in the field
Data visualization of results by agency

Data analysis and monitoring

Users can see updates over time and the results by region in France. They also have the option of liking and sharing this content on Facebook and encapsulating it on other online supports.

Adecco's commitment

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Bringing a major company commitment into the digital world

This concept is based on a digital plan of action designed to last over time, organized around a platform: the YES chain! (

A blog: provides proof in the form of messages and testimony from agencies, clients, experts and Adecco temps. The strength of this innovative digital plan of action lies in its durability, rather than being a mere fleeting publicity stunt.